Benefits of Double Glazed Windows – Which Ones Are Right For You?

Benefits of double glazed windows have become more popular in recent years. The reasons for this are simple to understand. double glazing in Sydney means that a space is insulated from the elements, whilst still allowing fresh air to flow through the property. The thick window panes can improve energy efficiency, as well as improving the security of homes and buildings. As well as all these benefits, a good quality double glazed window is attractive and can add considerable value to a property.

Benefits of double glazed windows

Improved Energy Performance: Double glazed windows can help reduce your home or building energy bills by improving the insulation, as well as reducing the amount of heat loss through the windows. Insulation makes a huge difference in how much energy you use, so it makes sense to keep this in mind when considering what measures are best to take. A properly insulated home is far less likely to be subject to theft and vandalism, both of which lead to huge amounts of unnecessary domestic energy bills. Also, as a result of improved insulation, your home will retain more heat, meaning that you will need to spend less on heating costs. Installing double glazed windows is a sure fire way to make savings on energy bills.

Reduced Window Warping: Double glazing on the interior of a property is like having a thick, insulating frosted window. This creates an invisible border around the glass, which greatly reduces the amount of external temperature change. This way, any warm air that escapes from a room, such as the warm summer weather outside, is kept in a room that is more comfortable, leading to less heating bills overall. The internal doors and windows are also keeping warm, meaning that you don’t need to turn up the heat in the laundry room or the basement every single day. All these savings, coupled with lower levels of noise pollution, mean that these windows have enormous benefits for a busy lifestyle.

Improved Security: There’s nothing more important than the safety of a family’s possessions when they stay at home. However, many families don’t feel adequately protected, especially when they leave their home for trips and vacations. In order to ensure that you and your family are as safe and secure as possible while you’re out of the house, investing in a home security system is a great idea. With high-tech alarms and a wide range of motion detection systems, there are no excuses for your home or possessions to be left unoccupied when you aren’t there. Double glazing on your windows can help to keep your property safe from burglary attempts, helping to make your home less of a target and more of a source of comfort and security for you and your family.

Lower Energy Bills: Double glazed windows can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%! It’s a simple and unavoidable fact that most homes contain a fair amount of passive heat energy that is not being directly used. However, it is still stored away and not being used when the home is cold, leading to massive energy bills each month. By installing new windows, you can have a lower heat loss through windows and drastically lower your energy bill each month. The combination of lower energy bills and fewer logs in the fireplaces is a huge incentive to install these windows.

No Maintenance: One of the biggest benefits of double glazed windows is their security and maintenance-free nature. They are not only easy to clean but also provide an excellent degree of protection from the elements. There is no need to scrape paint off windows or deal with rotting timber, and if windows become damaged in any way they can simply be replaced. In addition, because they offer a higher level of security, homeowners can save on security costs by installing their own security system instead of hiring a company. This can be a great way to protect your home and reduce stress, which has been proven to be a major deterrent to crime.