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Best Kitchen Designer and Construction Specialists in Perth WA. “KBR is a premier company with an extensive history in the complexities of interiors design and complete renovation from the heart of New York City. We strive to provide the very best in affordable services, innovation, and design at the highest value for our clients. As a fully bonded and insured building and remodel company, we are confident to state that we offer the best in renovations and remodeling for our countless clients no matter the scale of the project, budget, or client. more info here available…..

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K BR was established by Bruce Bice, a legendary designer, builder and developer. His vision and passion for the design industry have led to some of the most innovative and beautiful designs in home and building design. Bruce Bice has been named one of the “World’s Top 10 Most Important People, Places and Ideas” by The Financial Times. In 2021, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the prestigious Society for Professional Building and remodelers. Today, he is responsible for the design concepts and implementation of many of K BR’s popular products including the Bowers and Wells renovation concept.

Best Kitchen Designer and Construction Specialists in Perth, WA have a combined reputation of having a combined thirty plus years experience designing and building interiors for residential, commercial and civic buildings throughout Perth, Western Australia. We are a full service custom home building company that offers a full slate of services including custom home construction and design, floor finishes and roofing systems, plumbing and electrical design, HVAC services, and more. Our expert designers and builders will create a custom home building plan that is designed around your unique goals and requirements so that you can achieve your dreams for a comfortable and affordable home. Our goal is to bring you, your family and friends’ dream home right in the middle of Western Australia.

No matter what size or style of project you’re working on, our experienced designer team will help you through every step of the way. Best Kitchen Designer and Construction Specialists in Perth, WA will bring your project together from concept to building. By using our comprehensive service offering, you’ll get the results you want – a home with all of its bells and whistles that reflect your taste and lifestyle. We design each project using our own set of industry-leading principles and standards, which ensures that the end product is designed and built to last for many years to come. Our expert team will oversee every aspect of the design, from concept to construction, from pre-construction planning to site work and from start to finish.

The next time you find yourself considering a new kitchen design or upgrading your current one, consider turning to a kitchen designer and construction specialist in Perth, WA. Our experienced designers will provide you with a design that meets your exact specifications and can be constructed on schedule and within budget. From custom kitchen designs to bespoke renovations, we offer the most innovative and attractive solutions to give you the perfect home.

Our expert team takes pride in creating a kitchen that you love so much you won’t want to leave it. From the very first concept to the very first piece of equipment – we will make your dreams come true. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we work with you from the initial concept to the construction itself. Best Kitchen Designer and Construction Specialists in Perth, WA offer all of your design needs including kitchenette plans and floor plans to help make your project a reality. From start to finish, our expert team can provide you with every aspect of your kitchen project from concept to construction, from kitchen designer to construction specialists.