The Town Park in Sobha Attibele

Sobha Town Park, also known as South Bank Park, is a pre-development remarkable residential facility by Sobha Attibele Limited bringing up in the cleanest environs of Attibele, South Bangalore within the diamond grid of Planar. The project is planned to provide plush luxury living space with an accommodation scheme proposed to stretch over vast acres of land neatly set amidst lush green vegetation and sprawling open space. It has been conceived to give a new look to what was an already established residential area for Bangalore’s working class. In fact, the planners have gone out of their way to make the residential area look more alive and breatheable and with a focus on lifestyle, not just comfort. This means that the residents will be provided with lavish facilities like water sports, club houses, restaurants, a shopping centre and a host of others. All these facilities will be provided in an urban theme setting, blending the best of both the city’s heritage and modern lifestyles.

sobha town park

The planners have conceived the plan to weave in some interesting features into the development. For starters, the plan is located in the heart of the city where it is expected to cater to the lifestyle needs of people. The town will be segregated into seven distinct zones. The first zone is reserved for those who are looking for a luxurious lifestyle, complete with top-class services and facilities. The residents here will enjoy all the benefits of living in a luxury area without having to compromise on basic needs. The second zone is for those who want to start out on the road to becoming a full-fledged citizen, enjoying the basic facilities along the way.

The third and last zone is for those who are looking for a tranquil and peaceful environment to raise their children. The town park is well-planned, well lit and designed to give a soothing and relaxing experience to residents. This is also an ideal area for second homes and even retirement homes, with ample space and facilities to keep them comfortable and entertained.

The town park is one of the largest and most comprehensive projects undertaken by the town. It has received support from a range of government and private bodies, as well as from a wide range of local residents and organizations. Besides being developed to accommodate more residents, it is also being planned and designed in a manner that will make it easier for residents to get involved in the planning process. Residents can directly contribute to the planning and design of the park through a range of open forums and other initiatives.

The entire development process is managed by the State Government in co-ordination with Sobha Town Park, who acts as the sole operator and developer of the park. Planning, building and other major works are estimated to take about three years on end. In fact, the entire development has already begun under the aegis of the State Government, but the whole process is shrouded in controversy over legal issues, allegations of irregularities and lack of transparency. An independent team of experts is supposed to oversee the implementation of the plans for the park and ensure that everything runs smoothly, but this seems to be running into road blocks all the time.

In fact, Sobha town park’s developer and directorate are facing a number of controversies over the way they are handling the development of the town park. For instance, they have released some ground floor information to the media without first consulting town residents. Then in January, the town’s MP demanded that the development plan for the park be re consulted with the community before it is initiated. The MP claimed that he had spoken to the local MP and was told that the residents of Sobha had opposed the development on the basis that they did not want the town park converted into a commercial activity center. He further implied that they might even organize a petition against the project, which could put the development into line with the municipal laws.