Tips to Buy a Right Packing Tape

When buying packing tape – or any tape for that matter – one of the most important things that you should look out for is the material the tape is made out of. It’s surprising how many people don’t take this very important step seriously, but it can make a big difference in the durability and functionality of the tape. So here are my top three tips to buy a right tape for your packing.

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– You should always buy packing tape that uses a double-sided tape. This will ensure that you will have two sides of the tape that can be peeled off and used, meaning you’ll never have to struggle in finding the perfect piece of tape to use when unpacking. If the tape you use has a smooth inner surface, however, then you may find that it is more difficult to peel off and use the inner side of the tape.

– The packaging tape you use should also be able to resist chemical reaction with other materials that you’re using it with. It’s often the case that a tape will stick to itself and create little islands that are impossible to remove. In this case, the tape will become ruined within hours of use if it’s not treated effectively. Always choose packaging tape that uses a chemical-resistant substance. This will ensure that the tape will be able to withstand chemicals and other solutions for many years, helping you get the most out of your packaging tape.

– The size of the packaging tape that you use will also have a great bearing on its longevity and effectiveness. Although many people use a small piece of tape as the tape behind their packaging, this is a mistake. Instead, use a larger piece of tape along the bottom edge of your packaging to prevent your tape from getting damaged as it’s pulled across your items. This makes it far easier for you to locate items and make sure they are well placed within your parcel.

– Think carefully about how long you plan to use your packing tape before switching to another brand. If you haven’t got to use it for a long time, you may find that your tapes begin to deteriorate and lose their adhesive strength quickly. This can cause them to fall off and leave jagged edges or areas that are difficult to fill in. On the other hand, if you keep putting new tapes on your packaging, your items will stand a far greater chance of being kept intact for a longer period of time.

The three tips above are just a few of the many things you need to know about when buying packing tape. By giving some thought to the packaging tape that you use, you’ll find that you can drastically increase the chances of your parcels remaining intact for quite some time. By making the right choices when choosing your packing tape, you can ensure that your items do not come off easily, get damaged and get opened up wrong. By making sure that your packing tape is used correctly, you can reduce the chances of any of these things happening.